The mission of FrontierSpace Missoula is to contribute to the artistic community of Missoula and Montana. We intend to provide a professional, alternative community and social dialogue to our approach to the art experience. We strive to connect new creative and critical thinkers from outside, as well as from within the regional community to enrich artistic dialogue. We strive to provide opportunities for new work to be exposed to Montana while also fostering possibilities for Montana to interact with a broader artistic community. It is our intention to consistently look towards possibilities, welcome ideas, and expand the artistic horizon. 

FrontierSpace Missoula is an alternative gallery, located in downtown Missoula, Montana. Founded in 2010, FrontierSpace Missoula is operated by MFA candidates at the University of Montana, completely autonomously from the university. Past exhibitions include artists such as Brian Gillis, Dale Sherrard, Carla Poindexter, Matt Hamon, Alex Gartelmann, and Jonas Sebura.