Frontier Space will be opening up the gallery space from 5-9pm the 3rd Friday of every month to Missoula artists starting January 2019! Unlike our 1st Friday events, which are juried, these dates are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and allow Montana artists to show their work in a public venue or use the space for documenting.

Frontier Space will list the upcoming shows for the month at the 1st Friday event, and create a post on Instagram. All other advertising is the responsibility of the artist. The artist will install the day before the show and must de-install on the day after the show. Artists are in charge of installation and de-installation, as well as repairing and patching the gallery walls.

If you are interested please check the calendar below for our available dates. Email us at with a no more than 300 word proposal on how you intend to use the space and the date you wish to use the space. If your proposal is approved, we will respond within a week confirming the date for the gallery. Once accepted, the artists will need to fill out an application and submit an application fee of $50.